The best new features are the boring ones

This fall marks the fifth anniversary of the original Apple Watch. Other than the basic design itself — a square display with a digital crown and mostly familiar lineup of wrist straps — a lot has changed. Gone is the $10,000 solid gold edition that Apple tried selling when the watch first debuted. Nowadays, you can buy an older Apple Watch for as little $199; the new Watch SE starts at $279. Meanwhile, the fashion executive hired to position the watch as a luxury status symbol has left the company, and the watch is instead being pitched as a health device. 

a cellphone sitting on a table: Engadget reviews the Apple Watch Series 6.

Engadget reviews the Apple Watch Series 6.

Indeed, the company’s latest flagship model, the $399 Series 6, has mostly gotten attention for its blood oxygen sensor. On the software side, watchOS 7 can now track your sleep and handwashing habits and give you cycling directions. Then, later this year,

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