FIFA 21 Has Biggest Boxed Launch Of 2021 In UK, But Switch Version Flops

FIFA is a big deal in the UK, and the launch of FIFA 21 has done big business in the UK–with some caveats. FIFA 21 is the biggest physical game launch in the UK this year, but sales are down compared to FIFA 20, and the Switch version has sold poorly. is reporting that sales on FIFA 21’s boxed copies are down 42% on boxed sales of FIFA 20. There’s a few potential reasons for that–the looming next generation of systems (which will bring new versions of FIFA 21), the growth of the digital market, and the COVID-19 pandemic making players less likely to travel to a store to buy the game all factors in.

It’s unknown how well the game has sold digitally, but this is still a big launch, overtaking the launch sales of The Last of Us Part II and Animal Crossing: New Horizons (both of

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Boxed Out of the West, Huawei Looks to Russia to Survive the Crisis and Emerge Stronger

Lauren Dudley is a research associate for Asia Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.

This is the first part of a two-part series on Huawei’s expansion in Russia as a reaction to geopolitical technology tensions. The first part discusses how Russia fits into Huawei’s immediate efforts to adapt to its inability to access U.S. technologies, and the second part explores Russia’s role in Huawei’s long-term strategy.

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Few, if any, other companies have been as affected by China’s ongoing geopolitical technology tensions as Huawei. The Chinese tech behemoth, with business interests including telecommunications, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence (AI), has taken a hit as its access to foreign technology has been restricted by the Trump administration and suspicion of its products, particularly 5G network equipment, grows.

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