For better privacy, keep the cookies in Firefox browser’s containers

Q: We have a family need to create Facebook accounts for ourselves to enable contact with certain relatives.  We are loath to do this. I just don’t trust Facebook very much.

We use Firefox as our browser and have it set to delete cookies upon exit. We also have the DuckDuckGo browser add-on, which at least blocks trackers.

I see Firefox has a Containers add-on where designated web sites are launched in a “protected” environment. Cookies and such will be loaded in an isolated space then deleted upon exit from the site.

Do you have any info or opinion on this containers feature?

— Alan Caswell, Seattle

A: You sound like me.

Yes, I like Firefox’s Multi-Account Containers. Here’s why.

Cookies can make web browsing easier and a lot more efficient. When you revisit a website, the data stored in a cookie may be used to customize the site according

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