Here’s how Hyundai and LG imagine future EV cabins

Screens. Screens are the future.


Robots. Flexible TV screens. Microbe-killing UV lights. Those are just a few things Hyundai imagines will be a part of future electric vehicle cockpits, and the automaker partnered with fellow Korean giant LG to help bring the concept to life. It’s one of those concepts that really feels like something out of science fiction.

The design puts a major emphasis on interior space, which you often see in EV concepts since there’s no need for a transmission tunnel. Designers can also push exterior wheels further to the corners to create capacious caverns inside. Hyundai’s Electronic Global Modular Platform will accomplish both tasks. With the extra space onboard, LG and Hyundai believe there’s potential for a “personalized mobility solution.” Those are some pretty heavy buzzwords, but essentially, the automaker thinks the shift to EVs opens up the possibility for less utilitarian transportation, more rolling

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