Diversity training startup lost a client to Trump’s ban, CEO says

  • Paradigm CEO Joelle Emerson said in a tweet Thursday that a recent executive order from the Trump administration banning certain types of diversity training at federal contractors already caused her to lose a a client.
  • Emerson said the type of training her startup provides does not violate the executive order, but that this company ended it just to “play it safe.”
  • She said that other companies are holding off on diversity training altogether because of confusion over the order.
  • Paradigm is especially known for providing training to Silicon Valley startups and big tech firms, which have historically struggled to achieve representation of minorities in their workforces and C-suites.
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The CEO of a diversity training consulting firm said Thursday that her company has already lost a client due to President Trump’s recent executive order.


“We just lost our

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How Financial Advisors Can Meet Client Demands Now and in the Future

The pandemic has forced every wealth management firm and brokerage to accelerate their print-to digital transformation. Broadridge’s most recent data shows 87% of advisors think the pandemic has fundamentally changed how they communicate with their clients. 

Smart firms will be leveraging this change to ready their advisors to do more: with their time, with their tools, to engage and retain clients. It’s both a jolting change and a big window of opportunity. And it’s not going to go away – if anything, now that it’s had such a powerful and prolonged start, it will only get bigger.

Accelerated transformation for investors

Recent Broadridge surveys of investors and consumers found that:

Overall, what did we discover investors are looking for in their digital experience?

First, a more human experience with communications tailored to their needs. Next, they expect choices and control in how they receive communications—some choosing texts, others preferring paper,

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