Turning the key on Florida’s clean energy future

Palm Beach Post

The Sunshine State is in the midst of a clean energy transition, and a key part could be sitting in your driveway. Today, Florida is the third-largest state in the nation for electric vehicles (EVs). EV sales have doubled in Florida over the last three years – and this growth shows no sign of slowing down. By 2025, one out of every four vehicles sold is expected to be electric. Driving an EV helps improve air quality, with 54% fewer carbon dioxide emissions per mile than the average car.

Auto manufacturers are investing heavily in new EV models that are predicted to hit the road in the near future. On top of expected new models, manufacturers have been working to improve the efficiency and density of batteries, allowing them to drive farther per charge to help eliminate range anxiety.

The work to overcome range anxiety doesn’t end

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There’s a giant ‘Green Banana’ off Florida’s coast, and researchers have finally gotten to the bottom of it

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

If you haven’t heard of the “Green Banana blue hole” you might imagine a tropical cocktail you can order in Key West, or a dessert you ordered after a night on Bourbon Street.

Forget that. This Green Banana is actually a mysterious sink hole. More specifically, it’s a huge, underwater cavern off the coast of Florida that humans had never fully explored—until last month.

Scientists say the Green Banana could hold clues to the formation of toxic red tides, algae blooms that are devastating to Florida’s shoreline, and the extent of the aquifer that supplies the state with most of its drinking water.

Maybe even the origins of life.

Blue holes—sink holes that form under water—are not unusual in the Gulf of Mexico. In the mid-1970s, a boat captain sailing about 60 miles west of Sarasota spotted one about 160 feet under water, and an unripe

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