Smart Labels Market Expected to Expand More than Three Fold through 2030. CAGR to be registered at 13%.

Surging demand for packaging materials in food, beverage, logistics and automotive industry becomes the prime driving factor for smart labels production. Asia-Pacific region to dominate worldwide.

DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / October 7, 2020 / The smart labels market is expected to unfold by 3.36x with US$ 18 billion through 2030. When talking about packaging market, adoption of smart labels is gaining maximum traction in Asian-Pacific region. Due to the increment in need for convenient packaging solutions in food and beverage or retail industries, demand is gaining popularity in the market.

“Availability of wide range of printing technologies, improved communication network and higher preference for sustainable packaging solutions across the world, demand for smart labels has escalated in a dexterous manner. This has also helped the manufacturers get an insight about the kind of production this market demands,” says the FMI Analyst.

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Galaxy Z Fold 2 survives dirt durability test that its predecessor couldn’t

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 has survived having dirt dropped on it in a new durability test from YouTuber Zack Nelson (aka JerryRigEverything), backing up Samsung’s claims that its hinge is more durable on this year’s device. Nelson’s test involved dropping a handful of dust and dirt on Samsung’s new foldable, and he reported the phone continued to feel just as smooth to open and close. That indicated the worst of the dirt hadn’t made its way inside the mechanism.

Durability was one of the key promises Samsung made when it announced the Z Fold 2 back in August. To illustrate its point, the company even used a clip from Nelson’s original Galaxy Fold durability test. He found that a handful of dirt dropped on the foldable would immediately find its way into its hinge mechanism, making it feel crunchy to open and close and generally sound horrible. Check it

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Galaxy Z Fold 2 after a month: Simply a joy to use

What a difference a year makes.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G is Samsung’s third foldable smartphone and the successor to its first model, the Galaxy Z Fold, that was launched last year.

The Fold series’ proposition is actually a simple one: It’s a phone and tablet packed into one device that is convenient to carry around. This hasn’t changed for the Fold 2, except this time around, it has been executed much better when compared to the first iteration. 

After a month of use, I think Samsung has done a convincing job proving that this concept works.

That being said, the Fold 2 also doesn’t seem like the pinnacle of this particular form factor and leaves many questions for the series moving forward.


Image: Cho Mu-Hyun/ZDNet  


The Fold 2 is a device that invites more usage. Whether stationary or on the go, the device is ready to

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