Forget a 5G iPhone 12, I care more about a $99 HomePod Mini


Apple is set to announce the iPhone 12 during its Oct. 13 digital event. Given the event’s “Hi, Speed.” tagline and abundance of rumors, everyone expects a 5G iPhone. While Apple’s first 5G phone will certainly be the star of the show, I’m much more interested in one of the other possible announcements, an updated HomePod and a rumored $99 HomePod ‘Mini’. Why? Because our phones may be the gateway to us as individuals, but voice-enabled smart devices (like the HomePod) and the data-driven networks behind them are the gateway to our homes.

Smart devices and voice will be as revolutionary as the smartphone

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the HomePod will make up more of Apple’s revenue than the iPhone any time soon. According to AAPL’s fiscal Q3 2020 Consolidated Financial Statements, the iPhone accounts for 4 times the revenue of the entire wearables, home and accessories

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Forget EVs: These 3 Stocks Are a Better Way to Play the Auto Recovery

The auto industry has had a rough go of it over the past few years. After a mini-recession resulting from the U.S.-China trade war sent auto sales down 1.4% last year, the COVID-19 pandemic put a big dent in sales this year as people quarantined and couldn’t get to dealerships.

Yet as people continue to avoid public transportation or ride-hailing companies, Americans appear to be turning to owning their own cars again, either used or new. After April auto sales were basically cut in half from pre-COVID February levels, auto sales have experienced a bounceback and have nearly recovered back to pre-COVID levels as of August.

Nevertheless, many automakers still face significant challenges, especially as the world turns to electric vehicles at an accelerating pace. That’s why the best way to play a recovery in autos may not be the automakers themselves, but rather these high-tech suppliers.

A car viewed from directly above, with automated safety andbraking system animations around it.

Image source: Getty

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Forget iPhone 12, Apple’s New iPhone 13 Design Leaks

Apple’s iPhone 12 range has been revealed in detail and it brings several compromises which might put you off upgrading. But if you’re still on the fence, the first iPhone 13 information should convince you to save your money. 

MORE FROM FORBESApple iOS 14 Has 25 Great Secret Features

Just days before the iPhone 12 big reveal, respected industry insiders Jon Prosser, Ice Universe and Ross Young have all revealed Apple is set to make the design and display changes everyone wanted for the iPhone 12 series. 

Both Prosser and Ice Universe agree that Apple will finally reduce the size of the notch with iPhone 13. That said, they disagree on how this will be done. Ice Universe states that Apple will make it shallower while Prosser understands that Apple will make it shorter.

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Forget Snowflake, These 3 Tech Stocks Are Better Buys Right Now

Snowflake (NYSE:SNOW), a cloud data company, has received a lot of attention from investors lately, following its mid-September IPO. Investors have taken an interest in this tech stock because of its 133% revenue growth in the first half of this year, and the fact that the company believes it has a massive $81 billion total addressable market in the cloud data space. 

But despite Snowflake’s potential, there are a handful of other tech stocks that could be better long-term investments. To help you find a few, we asked three Motley Fool contributors for alternative Snowflake investments. They came back with Alteryx (NYSE:AYX), Zoom Video Communications (NASDAQ:ZM), and (NASDAQ:AMZN). Here’s why. 

A person pointing to a tablet screen.

Image source: Getty Images.

With access to more data than ever, businesses need a way to make sense of it

Brian Withers (Alteryx): Snowflake’s platform excels in capturing enterprise data and centralizing it in one

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Can Vizio’s P-Series Quantum X Make You Forget About LG and Samsung?

Whenever those heated discussions veer toward the best TV panels on the planet right now, they invariably land on LG’s OLED and Samsung’s QLED HDTVs.

Yes, there’s no doubting their ability to provide jaw-dropping picture quality—but at what price? During this ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many people, understandably, just aren’t in a financial situation where they can just throw around $2,000 or $3,000 on a top-of-the-line HDTV.

If you do share such sentiments, then make sure to take a long hard look at Vizio’s sixty-five-inch P-Series Quantum X. And right now, this highly regarded set is retailing for only $1,200. If you happen to desire an even bigger display, know that the seventy-five-inch monster is going for a reasonable $1,700. 

Be aware that Quantum X’s panel will probably never topple LG’s OLEDs from the best-picture summit, but it does emphatically meet the high standards of the best LCD-based, quantum dot-enhanced HDTVs

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Forget Apple: Buy This Tech Stock Instead

Apple is a phenomenal company by just about every measure. But with a market capitalization around $2 trillion, it’s massive size makes it less appealing to investors who are looking to put their money into companies with long runways for growth.

If that’s the sort of stock you’re interested in adding to your portfolio, you may want to consider Lemonade (NYSE:LMND), a small, tech-forward insurance provider that has some of the same characteristics that made the iPhone maker an incredible investment.

It’s innovative

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” — Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder and former CEO

Innovation has always been at the core of Apple’s DNA, and it’s central to Lemonade’s, too. Co-founders Daniel Schreiber and Shai Wininger have set about to upend the centuries-old insurance business model with an operation built from scratch on the

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Stunning New Surface Pro X Will Make You Forget Apple’s MacBook

Microsoft has updated its Surface line-up with two challengers taking on key parts of the market. The Surface Laptop Go takes on the mid-range Windows 10 laptop space, while the updated Surface Pro X pushes Microsoft’s plans for Windows 10 on ARM

With Apple set to launch its own ARM-powered MacBook, who has the advantage in this new frontier?

Let’s start with the Pro X. Last year’s Surface Pro X, the first ARM-powered Surface machine, was aiming at a particular group of customers. 2020’s Pro X update hasn’t changed this approach.

The Pro X family is for those looking for a highly mobile device, with 4G LTE connectivity, long battery life, and a focus on productivity. It remains a superb client for cloud based services be they from Microsoft or other providers. If your work revolved around Microsoft Office, Teams, Slack, and web-based tools,

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Forget Hot IPOs, Buy These Top Tech Stocks Instead

With the tech industry flying high amid the pandemic, the pace of new IPOs and interest in them has been fast and furious. Recent debuts have set a new bar for ludicrous valuation. Snowflake (NYSE:SNOW), for example, is trading for well over 100 times trailing-12-month revenue — a price tag that assumes flawless execution of its growth strategy in the cloud industry, and then some.

There are more timely purchases out there, though. Three contributors think Veeva Systems (NYSE:VEEV), Spotify (NYSE:SPOT), and Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL)(NASDAQ:GOOG) are worth some of your money right now.

Honeycomb shaped cells with illustrations of tech devices in them.

Image source: Getty Images.

A consistent home-run hitter in life sciences

Nicholas Rossolillo (Veeva Systems): First off, I need to acknowledge my pick is no value. On the contrary, cloud computing technologist Veeva Systems trades for 31 times trailing-12-month revenue and 28 times expected fiscal year 2021 (the 12 months ended Jan. 31,

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