The benefits of freelance management technology for workforce changes

workerspaprikaworks/Adobe Stock

Even as the nature of work changes with an expanding global economy and increasing impacts from technology, the past six months have presented unexpected and dramatic challenges. Because of COVID-19, companies find themselves at various stages of ramping up or down — so they need an agile, scalable talent strategy to meet these demands.

Some companies, like providers of delivery and educational services are in greater demand, while businesses like restaurants, bars and museums have needed to adjust their business models. The unpredictable nature of the current situation and potential for even greater disruption provides the perfect opportunity for companies to prepare their responses to these situations. Having technology that supports an agile model gives those companies ways to quickly adapt their workforces.

Companies that used large numbers of traditional W-2 workers, but laid off those folks, are apprehensive about making long-term commitments because of the

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