Dell focussing on ‘future-ready commercial PCs’

There has been a dramatic change in the way people work, but this has not happened overnight. With more and more people taking to a remote working environment because of the pandemic, enterprise users have started to look for PCs that are more reliable than consumer-grade products. And companies like Dell Technologies are set to make an impact in the enterprise PC segment, says Vivekanand Manjeri, Brand Director, Client Solutions Group, Dell Technologies. Excerpts from an interview:

How is Dell building commercial PCs ?

We see intelligence playing a central role in the future of computing and that is an area we’ve invested in heavily. We are focused on creating a future-ready PC experience for users in the commercial laptop segment.

Scaling remote management, security and support of these devices to thousands of employees across the country is no small feat. It requires collaboration from all departments, especially IT. That’s

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VMworld 2020: 3 Keys to a Future-Ready Workforce

The transition to remote work may be behind us, but there’s a lot of uncertainty about what work will look like in the future. 

How long will employees work remotely? What will new offices look like? How will workers stay connected in a hybrid world?

Shankar Iyer, senior vice president and general manager for end-user computing at VMware, said that many employees don’t plan on returning. 

“The remote work revolution is already producing many, many positive benefits,” said Iyer at VMworld 2020. “While we can talk about cost savings and the ability of employees to live wherever they want, here’s another interesting effect: Three-quarters of employees say that since the wave of remote work began, employees outside of corporate headquarters feel far more empowered to make decisions.”

While there are other benefits, such as more flexibility for employees and a larger recruiting pool for businesses, many organizations weren’t set up

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