How Garmin’s Fenix 6 Pro Power Glass Offers Near-Limitless Battery Life

Garmin released its first solar-charging watches in 2019. They use Power Glass to convert sunlight into electricity. However, the models that had it were not the ones most people want.

They were the chunkiest, most expensive watches in Garmin’s line-up. This changed in 2020 when Garmin added Solar as an option to the main Fenix 6 line and the Instinct, which is one of Garmin’s more affordable watches.

They launched with the catchy tagline that you could expect up to “unlimited” battery life. There are, as you might guess, some important caveats to this claim. However, Garmin Power Glass is a useful and clever piece of tech that makes a lot of sense for hikers, if not the average runner who will always use the Fenix 6 Pro Solar’s most accurate GPS-tracking mode.

What’s the claim?

Where does the

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