The Future Is Now At Newfields With ‘THE LUME’ Indianapolis Digital Van Gogh Exhibition

The future is now at Newfields.

Technology will no longer merely be used to augment the visitor experience. It won’t be an add on. It won’t be extra.

Technology will be the attraction, every bit as much as sculpture, ceramics, or paintings.

Moving forward, technology will now feature in the institution’s programming every bit as much as its Robert Indiana “LOVE” sculpture, the first and largest of its kind he ever created. Every bit as much as its esteemed collection of Japanese Edo Period artwork. Every bit as much as its Van Gogh at the height of his powers oil painting.

And Van Gogh, who died over 130 years ago, allows Newfields to make the leap when THE LUME Indianapolis debuts in June 2021.

The experience will be the largest exhibition

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