This is the gorgeous custom PS5 design we all want

a bunch of different items that are on display: PS5 Colors spider-man miles morales custom concept

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PS5 Colors spider-man miles morales custom concept

  • The PS5 design only offers a single color option, and there’s no telling whether Sony will allow buyers to customize their consoles in any way down the road.
  • Some said earlier this year that the PS5 might feature user-replaceable panels, a feature Sony never confirmed.
  • A new PS5 concept design highlights the new console’s customization possibilities, delivering one of the best possible custom PS5 options.

Many people criticized the Xbox Series X boxy design the minute Microsoft unveiled it. The Series X is boring and unimaginative, with the console resembling a traditional PC. The bolder PS5 design was revealed several months later, but Sony received its own share of mockery and memes. Some people didn’t like the curvier lines, the size, and/or the color palette of the new console. Since then, we have heard that the PS5 might feature

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