South Korea pushes for AI semiconductors as global demand grows

The South Korean government has made no secret of its ambition to be a key player in the global artificial intelligence industry, including making the semiconductors powering AI functionalities.

This week, the country’s information and communications technology regulator announced plans to develop up to 50 types of AI -focused system semiconductors by 2030, Yonhap News Agency reported. The government will be on the hunt for thousands of local experts to lead the new wave of innovation.

South Korean has made several promises to support next-generation chip companies in recent times. Earlier this year, for example, it announced plans to spend about 1 trillion won ($870 million) on AI chips commercialization and production before 2029. Last year, President Moon Jae-in announced his “Presidential Initiative for AI” to raise public awareness on the industry.

These efforts come amid growing demand for AI-related chips, which, by McKinsey estimates, could account for almost 20%

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Earth grows large crystals, rare elements in just minutes

Oct. 7 (UPI) — Scientists have gained new insights into crystal growth rates inside pegmatites, veinlike formations that host some of the planet’s biggest crystals, as well as valuable elements such as tantalum, niobium and lithium.

Magma cooling time typically controls the size of crystals — when magma cools quickly, crystals remain microscopic, and when it cools slowly, crystals have time to grow.

But pegmatite crystals appear to upend this logic, researchers said in a study published this week in the journal Nature Communications.

“Pegmatites cool relatively quickly, sometimes in just a few years, and yet they feature some of the largest crystals on Earth,” Cin-Ty Lee, professor of geology at Rice University, said in a news release. “The big question is really, ‘How can that be?'”

To determine the growth rates of pegmatite crystals, scientists turned to the rare elements that are often found inside pegmatites.

“It was more

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ProbablyMonsters Grows its Family of Studios with New Next-Gen Co-Op RPG Studio, Led by Torchlight and Borderlands Creative Leaders

Builder of AAA Game Studios Headed by Harold Ryan Continues to Flourish – Reveals Third Studio as it Expands into New Headquarters

ProbablyMonsters™ Inc., a new category of game company building a family of game studios to launch world-class entertainment, today proudly reveals its third studio, which is led by creative leaders from the acclaimed Torchlight and Borderlands franchises. The third studio, whose name has not been announced, joins Cauldron Studios and Firewalk Studios in the company’s thriving family of sustainable AAA game studios. The new studio is working on a next-gen co-op RPG game for its first project, which represents another genre within the ProbablyMonsters portfolio of original titles.

ProbablyMonsters also confirmed it has secured a new, larger home in the scenic northwest surroundings of Bellevue, Washington as it continues to hire across all studios. The 76,000 square foot building will support ProbablyMonsters and its family of studios

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