New ‘HomePod mini’ and Apple TV will track your location for HomeKit, AR

A leak claims that Apple’s “HomePod mini,” and new Apple TV, will precisely track your location, or that of your devices, in your home, to trigger HomeKit actions, or even AR.

According to regular leaker Jon Prosser, the tracking will enable HomeKit to, for instance, lock doors, and turn on lights, as you walk around. He also claims that this will actually facilitate expected new Apple AR features in the Find My app.

Prosser goes on to say that this feature will also “be used in the Find My app when you’re away from home to alert you

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Exolaunch signs pact with SpaceX and scouts U.S. location

SAN FRANCISCOExolaunch signed an agreement to secure rides for dozens of small satellites on SpaceX rideshare missions scheduled to launch later this year and in 2021.

Under the agreement announced Oct. 8, Germany’s Exolaunch plans to integrate 30 U.S. and European cubesats and microsatellites on Falcon 9 rideshare flights to sun-synchronous orbit scheduled to launch in December. Exolaunch plans to integrate roughly the same number of satellites on a SpaceX rideshare flight in mid-2021.

In response to growing demand for launch services, Exolaunch plans to open an office in the United States. The company has not yet selected a location.

“As we continue to sign on more U.S.-based customers, it makes sense strategically for Exolaunch to establish an additional office in the U.S,” Connor Jonas, Exolaunch program manager, said in a statement.

Exolaunch is continuing to sign up customers for the second and third Falcon 9 rideshare missions

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IRS under investigation for buying Americans’ smartphone location data

  • The IRS is under investigation by the US Treasury’s Inspector General for reportedly buying Americans’ smartphone location data in order to track them.
  • Democratic Sens. Ron Wyden and Elizabeth Warren called for the investigation last month after IRS agents told the senators that the agency bought people’s smartphone location data from a company called Venntel.
  • Venntel sells location data scraped from people’s smartphones that are gathered from normal apps like games, exercise apps, and weather apps.
  • While government agencies typically need to obtain a search warrant before gathering personal information from people’s phones, buying location data directly from private companies like Venntel lets them sidestep that requirement.
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The IRS is under investigation by the US Treasury’s Inspector General over its practice of buying people’s smartphone data from private surveillance companies, according to a letter from the Inspector General obtained by Business Insider.


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