Community helps Bryan man get life-changing technology

a man standing next to a horse in a field: It's called eSight, and it uses a camera, a computer and HD video

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It’s called eSight, and it uses a camera, a computer and HD video

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – An amazing piece of technology has opened up a whole new world for a Williams County man. eSight glasses use a camera, a computer, high definition video and OLED screens to help people see. Benjamin Murray got his first pair four years ago. He received the latest version this week, and it’s all because of the generosity of a lot of people.

Benjamin was legally blind when he was born. His newest eSight glasses have opened up a whole new world for him on his family’s farm in Bryan.

“For 26 years of my life, I was living in the shadows,” says Murray.

And then along came eSight. “I am blown away by this technology, yet again. It helps me do just about anything I want to,”

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The 2020 Cognitive Test Person Woman Man Camera TV Card Game Is Here!

Make America Game Again

Prepare to be Cognitively Tested! The frenzied card slamming political satire game is now available and will bring much needed laugh out loud fun to homes everywhere. Brilliantly illustrated by Political Cartoonist Phil Hands, each card in the 72 card deck is a collectible drawing highlighting Tweeting, The Wall, Law & Order, Fake News, politicians from both sides of the aisle, and the viral phrases and events of 2020. Person Woman Man Camera TV must be repeated in the right order or players with find themselves acting out the crazy happenings of 2020, including Corona, Kanye and Tiger King. This snap-based satirical card game will have any game night in a frenzy.

The 2020 Cognitive Test Person Woman Man Camera TV is the perfect game for debate night, election night, Christmas dinner or any night there’s a need for laugh out loud fun. Challenge your Terrific

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Woman Heard on Camera Begging Assailant Not to Harm Her Is Found Beaten to Death, Man Arrested

South Salt Lake Police Department Kaitlyn Barron

Her plaintive cries pierced the night, as she screamed, “Please don’t rape me!”

It was only after the sun came up that the partially clothed body of the young woman who spent her last moments begging for her life was found crumpled in a parking lot in Salt Lake, Utah.

On Sept. 28, police in South Salt Lake were called to a back parking lot at 2550 South 300 West in South Salt Lake City, Utah, about a report of a deceased, partially clothed female, the department says in a statement.

The woman has been identified as Kaitlyn Barron, 23, of San Antonio, Texas, The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Barron “had been severely beaten” and was an “obvious victim to a homicide,” the statement says.

She was also the “potential victim of rape,” according to a probable cause statement, Fox 13 Now reports.

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California man finds a new passion in building desks for at-home learners

Hansanuwat noticed his son had several fifth-grade classmates who seemed to be doing their virtual learning on a sofa, a bed or the floor. Without a proper surface to write or type on, they struggled to stay focused. Hansanuwat knew that millions of Americans staying home for work or school had forced a desk shortage; prices were high and delivery times had ballooned. So he posted on social media offering to build a simple desk for anybody who needed one, free of charge.

He expected a handful of responses and was pleasantly surprised that he received 18 in the first two weeks. Then somebody shared his post with a local news station.

“They aired the story and things just went nuts,” he said. “I spent the next two days not building anything, just going through the messages to get everyone onto a list of requests. Eventually I cut the list

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