Microsoft’s Mixer Streamers Flock to Twitch Instead of Facebook

(Bloomberg) — When Microsoft Corp. shut down Mixer in July, the company encouraged the livestreaming service’s stars to move to Facebook Inc. Instead, the majority have migrated to Inc.’s Twitch, including Tyler Blevins, the gamer known as Ninja.


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Twitch’s market share of hours streamed jumped to 91% in the third quarter, up 15% from the second quarter, according to a report from streaming-software provider Streamlabs, which used data from Stream Hatchet. Before its shutdown, Mixer held a 14% share of livestreaming content.

Meanwhile, Facebook Gaming’s market share for hours streamed increased by only 1%, and YouTube Gaming’s actually fell by 1.2% in the third quarter. In recent months, star players such as Shroud and FaZe Ewok moved back to Twitch. Blevins, who has 16 million followers on the site, returned to the service in September.

Streamers like Ninja were on Twitch for years before being lured to

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