5 Must-Own Stocks for the New Bull Market

This has arguably been the most volatile year on record for equities, but we’ve finally entered the homestretch. We’ve witnessed a 34% decline in the benchmark S&P 500 in under five weeks, and a ferocious rebound from a bear market bottom to new highs that took less than five months.

Although this volatility ended the longest bull market run in U.S. history dating back to 1860, the aforementioned ferocious rally also gave birth to a new bull market. While history suggests that there will undoubtedly be hiccups along the way, bull markets tend to last for many years. This means the perfect opportunity is at hand for long-term investors to scoop up excellent businesses.

Investors should consider the following five companies as must-own stocks for the new bull market.

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We’re witnessing a changing of the guard in the financial sector, and companies that focus on

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