Fort Myers Police Department implements new data-driven technology


The Fort Myers Police Department announced they’ve updated their technology.

Police Chief Derrick Diggs has made it his mission to focus on data-driven police tactics and to make technology a big part of what the police department does.

“In the 21st-century, policing is about being data-driven and evidence-based,” Diggs said.

The new model of data-driven policing was meant to proactively predict where crime may occur by tracking where crimes have occurred frequently before.

Since the plan has been implemented, the City of Fort Myers has seen a 48.7% reduction in violent crime and a 9.8% reduction in property crime.

Previously, the police department had been using a computer-aided design system, a records management system and other systems to monitor crime, search records, respond to calls and predict future crimes. With the new Mark43 system, they will only need one.

The new software is designed to keep officers

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