Sponsorship Valuation Enters A New World

If empty sports stadiums have stripped marketing sponsorships of their value, exactly how much of this value has eroded? And in the pre-Covid days, how accurately was this value gauged?

It may be that no marketing platform has been roiled by the pandemic to the extent sponsorships have. Activation has withered and contractual obligations have been challenged.

I recently asked Tony Pace, president and CEO of The Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB), for his insights on the issue.

Paul Talbot: How has the Covid-19 pandemic influenced the process of sponsorship valuation and financial attribution?

Tony Pace: The valuation equation and processes have certainly been changed by the pandemic. On-site gatherings, if they occur at all, have very limited audiences. Not only does that mean there is greatly reduced value to sponsors, it also makes it more difficult to find research respondents as on-site interviews or

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