$1.25 Million On October 10

A little extra money would come in handy in today’s tough economic times.

So a mobile game is giving away up to $1.25 million on October 10. There’s a grand prize of $1,000,000 for a player who completes a portals game within the app on their very first try, and there are multiple other prizes totaling $250,000 if you miss out on the grand prize.

App giveaways appear to be a thing these days.

“MrBeast” gave away $25,000 recently with the Finger on the App contest, where the last player to keep his or her finger on a moving zone of their phone’s screen won the cash.

Now Press Play Slots is getting in on the action.

“We’re giving $1 million away next Friday in a one-day contest in one of our apps,” one of the founders and key investors told me via email. “One fortunate person has the chance to win $1,000,000 but we also have $250,000 in other prizes.”

(The founder and investor asked that his name be kept out of this article, adding that the app already gives away about $200,000 a month and they’ve had “some interesting people” show up at the office. “We are trying to keep our names out of it because who wants a target on their back, right?” he added.)

The contest starts next Friday October 9 at 11 PM Eastern. Which, I guess, makes it a little tougher to participate early if you’re on the east coast … and gives the west coast crowd a time advantage. It’ll continue through October 10.

To win the grand prize of $1 million, you’ll have to play a portal game in the app and unlock all 25 portals — which, according to what I’ve heard, is significantly hard — on your very first try. Failing that, you can keep trying to beat the game. If you’re one of the first 20 people to beat the game, you’ll still win $10,000. There are a few other prizes as well.

The core Press Play Slots game is — no surprise — a slots game. But it’s not gambling per se: you never risk any money.

“We are flipping the script on traditional, hyper casual games,” the founder and investor told me. “We don’t ask for any money from our users ever and there are no in-app purchases. Further, we pay people real money.”

To play, you’ll need to install the app.

And that, of course, is the goal.

Press Play Slots is betting that enough people will like the game and stay in the game to recoup the massive costs of the giveaway. The game is currently ranked #8 in Casino games by Apple: a big surge in downloads this week could boost that ranking significantly.

YouTuber David Dobrik will be hyping the giveaway, which should help. Dobrik has 18.4 million subscribers on YouTube.

And with tens of millions still out of work thanks to Covid-19, I can see this being popular.

But, can I ask … win or lose, maybe you shouldn’t try to dox the founders or CEO and show up at their offices looking for money. My guess: they don’t pay out cold hard cash, and they don’t keep a big stack of Benjamins on hand in a big safe. Which means that showing up at their office or home wouldn’t just be creepy.

It would also be a waste of time.

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