7 Essential Tips for a Happy Long Distance Relationship

Many people think long-distance relationships never work. From family to friends, everyone advises them to walk away instead of getting into a long-distance relationship. Obviously, maintaining a long-distance relationship is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

It’s a complete struggle where your desires are unfulfilled, and you keep thinking about when you’ll meet the other person. No relationship is easy going, but a long-distance relationship has a unique journey that you cherish all life long.

From holding hands in public to smelling one’s hair, everything feels new and even little things in relationship matters. From video calls to face to face hugging one another, it’s worth a wait. You cannot predict the next moment in a long-distance relationship as it is full of surprises waiting for you.

Some people think in this skyping age, long-distance relationships will work efficiently. For them, you don’t need to answer anyone about where you are Read More

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