7 Essential Tips for a Happy Long Distance Relationship

Many people think long-distance relationships never work. From family to friends, everyone advises them to walk away instead of getting into a long-distance relationship. Obviously, maintaining a long-distance relationship is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

It’s a complete struggle where your desires are unfulfilled, and you keep thinking about when you’ll meet the other person. No relationship is easy going, but a long-distance relationship has a unique journey that you cherish all life long.

From holding hands in public to smelling one’s hair, everything feels new and even little things in relationship matters. From video calls to face to face hugging one another, it’s worth a wait. You cannot predict the next moment in a long-distance relationship as it is full of surprises waiting for you.

Some people think in this skyping age, long-distance relationships will work efficiently. For them, you don’t need to answer anyone about where you are going or have your own space and personal time, but people often forget that you need that person near you when you miss him. When you are crying, you need his shoulders and not just words. There are many little things that a person in a long-distance relationship misses out on.

As now you know that long-distance relationships have their own efforts and struggles, there are specific tips if followed then a long-distance may sound comparatively easy. Therefore, I have jotted down 7 essential tips that will lead to a happy long-distance relationship.

Work on Quality Communication

It is essential to understand that sticking around doesn’t mean you need to talk for 12 hours a day. People often think that if a person is not physically together, then he/she needs to compensate for it, which drags you to a phase when you are not left with any conversation. 

When you are habitual to talk 12 hours a day, you start feeling insecure when you talk a little less. If one is occupied with work, you still expect him to be available all the time, which creates problems in future.

Surprise Each Other

When you are in a long-distance relationship, it’s already full of surprises. But sometimes flowers, cakes or the gifts that can convey your feelings can be the most loving gesture he/she will admire throughout.

Therefore, try to send online gift to your particular person and make his/her day a memorable one. Not just on special days, but randomly sending cute little gifts can make your relationship strong.

Plan Regular Trips

The most crucial thing in a long-distance relationship is not to leave any chance of meeting. Plan trips, go somewhere and spend time together or surprise each other by reaching their workplace. 

It will lower your insecurities, and seeing each other after so long will be worth all the efforts made. Therefore, try to plan different kinds of trips and enjoy with each other to the fullest.

Schedule Same Things

It is not easy to be available at the same time. Majorly you miss cuddling, binge-watching movies or web series together, talking about it and many more things. But as it is the phase of the internet and OTT platforms, watching the same movie at the same time is relatively easy.

You can decide on a movie or series and do a watch party on different platforms by ordering snacks for each other and chatting about what can happen next.

Share Updates About Friends and Family

If you want to be connected, then don’t overdo the conversation but share regular updates about friends and family so that he can be a part of it. When a person feels left out, and even you don’t share much with him, he automatically loses interest in you.

Hence, if you plan your future with him, he needs to know what’s going on in your life. He needs to feel connected to you, and it’s a vice versa process.

Drop Random Texts or Calls

Mainly in a long-distance relationship, you convey our feelings through text or a call, and it is someday, or weeks you understand when to call or text and when not. You get a fair idea about another person’s schedule, and so you follow it that way. But sometimes, if you randomly call them and whisper ‘I Love You’ over a call, it feels soothing.

If not a call, a little message that expresses your feelings can be magical. Therefore, for a smooth long-distance relationship, drop your emotions from time to time, let the other person know how special he/she is.

Stay Positive and Trust Each Other

In a long-distance relationship, we often get possessive quickly and start over-thinking about a situation. But if you want your relationship to achieve new heights, then trusting each other is a must.

You cannot think negative and stay happy. You eventually fall out of love if you surround yourself with negative vibes about your partner or loved one. This will result in a ‘not so desirable’ breakup.


If you are in a long-distance relationship, these tips might help you create a better bond with your partner. Always remember, no relationship is easy; it’s you who makes it a worthwhile journey. Live on the quote that, “If you wish to live together, first learn to live apart” and trust yourself. You will make it through.

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