Active ETF Trailblazer WBI to Ring The Closing Bell

WBI celebrates 6 years since record-breaking ETF launch

WBI will ring The Closing Bell® at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on Thursday, October 8, 2020. The virtual ceremony commemorates the firm’s initial launch into the ETF space in 2014.

“We are excited to be part of The Closing Bell® virtual ceremony. Six years ago, WBI had the largest single day ETF launch in history. We are excited to be a small piece of the New York Stock Exchange’s innovative history. This year is an exciting year for active ETFs, our suite of active (transparent) and risk-managed ETFs have helped investors navigate 2020’s volatile markets,” said Don Schreiber, Jr., Founder and Co-CEO of WBI.

In 2014, WBI launched a suite of active transparent ETFs with the firm’s time-tested dynamic trailing stops that seek to reduce loss of capital. The strategies have no mandate to be fully invested and can raise up to 100% cash. This flexibility has helped the firm’s active strategies shine in 2020, a year riddled with uncertainty in U.S. politics, geopolitical issues, and a brutal recession fueled by the Coronavirus.

“I believe it’s the year of active management,” says WBI Co-CEO Matt Schreiber. “For the first time since we launched our active ETF suite, we’ve really seen active management thrive due to the market volatility, and we anticipate that to continue over the next few years. We’ve seen an uptick in active ETF launches as risk protection becomes an increasing concern for investors, and WBI is proud to be a trailblazer in the active risk-managed and transparent ETF space.”

One of WBI’s featured ETFs, WBIG, is a representative example of the dynamic and active style that WBI brings to ETFs. The strategy outpaced the Russell 3000 Value Index by 5% year-to-date (NAV) as of September 30, 2020. WBIG was shortlisted for “Active ETF of the Year” in 2018 for the Mutual Fund Industry Awards. The fund focuses on small, mid, and large companies with a value and high dividend tilt. Once stocks are purchased, a dynamic trailing stop is set in an effort to reduce risk.

“Security selection and risk management matter,” says Don Schreiber, Jr. “The bear market in 2020 has highlighted our ability to go from fully invested, to raising cash to mitigating losses, and getting back in to participate in return. In addition, we are starting to see a shift from growth stocks to value-oriented stocks as the recovery starts to take shape. Products like these could be a great way to try and take advantage of that rotation. Furthermore, I believe dividend-paying stocks and risk management combined are a great way to get paid to wait.”

In addition to live television coverage of the ceremony, the New York Stock Exchange will stream the Closing Bell® ringing on its website: The bell ringing is scheduled for 3:56 PM – 4:00 PM E.T. A video of the bell ringing will also be archived on the same page after the livestream.

About WBI

WBI is a privately-owned investment management firm located in Red Bank, New Jersey. For over three decades, WBI’s goal has been to help investors achieve their retirement goals by aiming to reduce risk to capital and produce attractive returns so they can stay comfortably invested.

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Russell 3000 Value TR Index: comprised of Russell 3000 companies with lower predicted and historical growth rates.

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