Amazon Prime Day gaming deals 2020

The Amazon Prime Day gaming deals this year should be pretty interesting; besides occurring in the traditional sales season thanks to coronavirus, the event is also taking place shortly before the Xbox Series X and PS5 launch. That means we’ll potentially see big cuts on the current generation of consoles like Xbox One and PS4 when the sales kick off during the Holiday season.

Amazon Prime Day gaming deals

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Amazon Prime Day gaming deals

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With any luck, 2020’s Amazon Prime Day gaming deals will include a bunch of accessories for those consoles too. In the case of Xbox, these can be carried forward and used on next-gen systems, meaning any Xbox One headset, controller, or hard drive you buy now will be fully compatible with the Series X or Xbox Series S.

We’re holding out hope that the Nintendo Switch will get some price cuts in the Amazon Prime Day gaming deals as well. This portable home console hybrid has been incredibly difficult to get hold of during the pandemic, so we’ve just got to cross our fingers that those issues will be sorted by the time the sales event begins.

To give you an idea of what’s to come, we’ve listed a few of the best Amazon Prime Day gaming deals from last year.

Nintendo Switch gaming deals

Top of many wish-lists this Amazon Prime Day will be the Nintendo Switch console, be it the standard model or a cheaper ‘Lite’ version. Because Nintendo products are notorious for holding their value, others will be eager to secure discounts on games and accessories while they’re going cheap. 

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up offers on all of the above right here. Our price-matching software is updated every half-hour, so be sure to check in regularly when the Amazon Prime Day gaming deals get started.

Nintendo Switch consoles

Nintendo Switch consoles are hard to get hold of these days, no matter whether you’re looking for the standard machine or the smaller, cheaper Lite alternative. To give you a head start, our bargain-hunting software will list any offers that it finds on the Switch before displaying them below. Because it updates itself every 30 minutes, you can be guaranteed that these offers are the latest and greatest out there. Keep checking in every now and then to find a bargain.

Be quick, though; these are sure to be some of the most popular items in the Amazon Prime Day gaming sales.

Want to know the difference between the standard Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite? It mostly boils down to price and flexibility. The Switch Lite is smaller and cheaper because it lacks a few features that the standard alternative has (such as controller rumble and the ability to remove the controllers), but the primary change is the fact that it cannot connect to a TV – it has to be used in handheld mode. Meanwhile, the ‘normal’ Switch can play in handheld mode or via your TV. This means it’s a better choice for multiplayer, as you can get your games on the big screen for all to see. The controllers for the standard Switch are detachable, too. Generally, it’s more flexible as a result.

Nintendo Switch accessories

If you’ve got a Nintendo Switch, it’s a very good idea to grab some accessories to go with it. For example, the best case for Nintendo Switch will keep the console safe regardless of whether you’re taking it out and about or are using it at home. In addition, a Nintendo Switch SD card (AKA a memory card) should come in very handy if you’re downloading games to your Switch – the console’s rather meagre 32GB of memory won’t get you very far. Bonus controllers are also incredibly useful if you want to play multiplayer games with your friends and family; they allow everyone to join in, or – in the case of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller – offer greater comfort during singleplayer sessions.

We’ve listed the cheapest offers on all of these items below for the Amazon Prime Day gaming deals, and we expect big discounts as and when the sales begin. 

For more, head over to our guide on the best Nintendo Switch accessories. It’s got a breakdown for all must-have peripherals that will help to improve your experience on the Nintendo Switch. 

Nintendo Switch Games

You can expect more than a few games to pop up in the Amazon Prime Day gaming deals. And because Nintendo Switch games are usually quite expensive (they hold their price like no-one’s business, to be honest), we’ll take any discounts we can find!

To get you started, we’ve listed some of the most popular Switch games below that are likely to benefit most from a sale (including the recent Super Mario 3D All-Stars and the ever-popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons). We’ll add more as and when we see them, so keep an eye on this page when the Amazon Prime Day gaming deals pick up steam. 

For other offers, be sure to check in with our guide to finding the cheapest Nintendo Switch game sales. It’s updated every 30 minutes thanks to our bargain-hunting software, meaning you’ll always get the most up-to-date offers.

PlayStation gaming deals

With PS5 about to launch, a lot of eyes are on PlayStation right now. Did you see how quickly PS5 pre-orders sold out, for instance? If we get any news about stock appearing during the Amazon Prime Day gaming deals (not to mention accessories or games), you’ll find it here. Just remember to be fast; anything next-gen is likely to sell with alarming speed, so you’ll need to pounce if you want to secure your console.

Not that PS5 is the only PlayStation console worth considering. The PS4 is still going strong, and you should be able to get some good deals on it now that its successor is almost here.

PS5 consoles

The PS5 is very nearly here. After a surprise showcase that gave us the PS5 price and live pre-orders, it’s been in the spotlight and stealing headlines all over the place. Unfortunately, getting hold of the next-gen console is still proving difficult as a result. 

With that in mind, we’ve listed any potential stock in the section below. Our price-matching software is updated every 30 minutes, so you can rest assured that it’s displaying the most recent offers on the internet.

PS4 consoles

The PS4 may be in its twilight years thanks to the arrival of PlayStation 5, but that only means it has a whole generation of games under its belt. What’s more, its price is sure to drop now that the PS5 is upon us.

We’ve listed deals on the PS4 Pro console below – for our money, it’s the smartest choice. This is the more powerful version that allows you to display games in 4K resolution, meaning everything from games to Blu-ray movies will look their best. We’d recommend it over the cheaper PS4 Slim, to be honest; although the latter is less expensive, the games you play on it won’t look quite as good so it isn’t necessarily the best value for money.

PS5 accessories

A new console launch means brand-new accessories, and there are plenty to go around for the PlayStation 5. Besides the mandatory extra controller, you can grab specialized gaming headsets, a remote for controlling media apps like Netflix and Disney Plus, and an HD camera that’s perfect for streaming. We’ve included pre-order links for all PS5 accessories below (apart from the remote, which is proving a little difficult to find), including the Pulse 3D headset and the rather fancy DualSense.

Most of these items are releasing this November alongside the PlayStation 5, though we don’t have an exact date yet. We’ll keep you updated as and when that changes! For more offers, check out these DualSense pre-orders, Pulse 3D headset pre-orders, PS5 Media Remote offers, and PS5 HD Camera deals.

PS4 accessories

With brand-new accessories for PS5 hitting shelves very soon, we suspect the cost of classic PS4 peripherals may drop as well. Especially with Amazon Prime Day gaming deals on the way. 

With that in mind, we’ve gathered up any offers we can right here. For example, we’ve listed the ever-faithful DualShock 4 controller below alongside the likes of a PS4 external hard drive to boost your system’s internal memory, which is more than a little handy if you play lots of games (particularly downloadable ones). You’ll find nothing but the best offers here thanks to our price-matching software.

For more, don’t miss our guide listing the best PS4 accessories.

Xbox gaming deals

Next-gen is very nearly here, and the Xbox Series X (to say nothing of the Xbox Series S) will change the gaming landscape when it arrives this November. However, much like the PS5, it’s proving difficult to get Xbox Series X pre-orders at the moment. If any are available, you’ll find them below. Good luck! Hopefully the Amazon Prime Day gaming deals will help us out. 

We’ve also included some Xbox accessories of all stripes, which are of course compatible with the Series X as well as the older Xbox One. We’ll add more offers as and when they appear!

Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S consoles

The next generation is very nearly here, and you can get your own console via pre-orders right now, this very minute. In theory, that is. In reality, the brand-new Xbox consoles are much harder to find in the wild due to high demand. Retailers are selling out of Xbox Series X and Series S fast. Indeed, most ran out within minutes of posting stock. If you see one available in the Amazon Prime Day gaming deals, get ready to pounce as a result. It won’t last long.

Curious about the difference between the two consoles? In many ways, the more powerful Xbox Series X is the ‘full’ next-gen experience. It can display games in 4K resolution, has a larger memory, and may be just a little bit faster thanks to the advanced tech under the hood. At the other end of the scale, the Xbox Series S is more of an entry-level console for those without a 4K TV. It can’t display games in true 4K (though it will ‘upscale’ them for 4K televisions), has much less internal storage, and lacks a disc drive. That means all your games have to be downloaded digitally. However, it is a lot cheaper.

If any more Xbox pre-orders become available (for the Series X or the Series S), you’ll see them below. Because our price-matching software is updated every 30 minutes, you can also rest easy knowing that these offers are up to date.

Xbox accessories

No matter whether you’re looking to get accessories for the new Xbox consoles or your current one, you’ll find some of the most must-have peripherals below. That includes controllers and hard drives, and we suspect more than a few items will get a discount thanks to the Amazon Prime Day gaming deals.

Worried that you’re wasting your cash on Xbox One peripherals? Don’t be. Remember, most – if not all – of these are compatible with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S as well.

To see more, head over to our page of the best Xbox One accessories.

PC gaming deals

It’s a great time to be looking for PC deals, especially with brand-new graphics cards like the Nvidia 30-series hitting shelves. That’ll push the price of certain components down, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for offers during the Amazon Prime Day gaming deals.

What’s more, the sales event always offers a bargain on laptops for gaming and for work. Want to save as much money as possible? This is your chance.

To get you started, we’ve listed some of our favorite offers below.

a close up of a computer

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ASUS TUF FX505 | 15.6″ 1080p | Ryzen 7 3750H CPU | RTX 2060 GPU | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | $991.32 at Amazon

Although it’s not strictly a saving, this Asus laptop is pretty incredible value. Getting a system with a Ryzen 7 CPU and a 2060 graphics card for just under $1,000 isn’t bad going at all.View Deal

a close up of a computer

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HP Pavillion | 16.1″ 1080p | i5-10300H | GTX 1660Ti GPU | 8GB RAM | 512GB SSD | $899.99 at Best Buy

This laptop may not be a world-beater, but it’s very tempting nonetheless because it brings us a 1660Ti graphics card. The processor could be better, but the GPU more than makes up the difference. A worthy contender.View Deal

a close up of electronics

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SkyTech Archangel | Ryzen 5 3600 | RTX 2060 | 16GB RAM | 500GB SSD | $1,299.99 $1,049.99 at Newegg

This is a great offer on a very well-balanced build. You’re getting a strong graphics card thanks to the 2060, and the Ryzen 5 processor isn’t too shabby either. Move quickly though, this deal apparently ends soon.View Deal

Want more offers? Don’t miss our Prime Day hub. It’ll be crammed with all the best offers in and out of gaming, including everything from TVs to laptops. It’ll be regularly updated during the sale as well, allowing you to get the best offers without being left behind.

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