Amazon’s 2020 Hardware Event: Everything Announced

In recent years, Amazon has evolved from an online retailer to an online retailer that also makes a slew of hardware. And, like any other hardware company, that means holding annual events to show of its latest and greatest tech. Amazon’s latest hardware event is today, and we’re expecting it to be where Amazon showcases its latest Alexa devices, Ring devices, and so on.

Unfortunately, Amazon’s even is invite-only — so you can’t livestream it like you would be able to an Apple event or Google’s upcoming event. That is why we’ve put together this roundup.

We’ll be updating this roundup as the event happens, so if you’re interested in Amazon’s latest devices, check back every now and then.

What we expect at Amazon’s event

Amazon’s hardware offerings have all been based around Alexa, and that’s likely to continue this year. The Amazon Echo has traditionally been the star of the show at Amazon events, but whether we actually see new Echo speakers remains to be seen.

Perhaps more likely are devices that are powered by Alexa, but aren’t simply smart speakers. Alexa is making its way into more and more devices, from thermostats to microwaves, and that’s only set to continue.

The Fire TV line of devices may also get somewhat of a refresh. Ahead of the event, a new Fire TV Stick Lite seems to have leaked, and it could replace the $30 Fire TV Stick model currently on offer by Amazon, or come at an even lower price.

Now that Amazon owns Eero, we may also get some new Eero smart routers. Reports indicate that Amazon may launch Eero routers that support the Wi-Fi 6 standard — and there may be as many as three new models.

Next up is the also Amazon-owned Ring. Ring’s selection of smart home devices has grown a lot over the years, and it’s possible that could continue this year. Rumors haven’t really surfaced about specific Ring products, but considering the huge expansion of the brand, it would be strange to not see at least one or two new Ring devices at the event.

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