Apple canceled its cutting-edge charging pad, but the latest rumor suggests a new version, with a new design, could be with us in the days or weeks. AirPower, you’ll remember was a white lozenge of a pad, designed to simultaneously charge an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods no matter where you placed them on the mat.

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Trouble is, Apple couldn’t get it to work, with some analysts suggesting the placing of multiple charging coils was problematic, and that the prototype pads would overheat.

There have been several other multi-gadget chargers, the best of which you can read about here, but none offers the slick simplicity that AirPower promised. So, the news that a version of AirPower may be announced soon is pretty exciting.

The rumor was picked up by the consistently accurate Everything Apple Pro in Filip Koroy’s latest YouTube broadcast.

Koroy in turn picked up this rumor from a tweet from @k_o_m_i_y_a who recently said that AirPower Mini was coming this Fall.

Though AirPower itself is not expected to debut soon, and may in fact have to wait until early next year, again, according to Komiya.

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So, what to make of all this? Well, there are strong rumors that the next iPhone will feature a ring of magnets which will lock the phone to a wireless charging pad. The thing about wireless charging, if you’ve ever used it you’ll know, is that it works brilliantly, unless it doesn’t.

In which case, you’ll wake in the morning having put the phone on the pad to find it didn’t charge at all overnight because you put it down wrong.

The thinking is that those magnets in the iPhone and the appropriately designed charging pad will worth together to deliver a more reliable wireless charging experience.

And that may be exactly what the AirPower Mini may offer – accurate and reliable wireless charging for an iPhone 12, rather than effortless charging for multiple gadgets. If the leakers are right, we could see the Mini announced alongside the iPhone 12 in early October, perhaps on October 13, with the full-scale AirPower to follow next year. If the Mini really is designed to dovetail perfectly with the iPhone, it’ll be a gizmo definitely worth having.

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