Body Camera Footage Shows Detailed Aftermath of Breonna Taylor’s Killing

Body camera footage from the night Breonna Taylor was killed has been released by the Louisville Metro Police Department, CBS News reports. The footage raises questions about why Taylor’s home was targeted. 

More than 250 videos and over 4,000 pages of documents were released on Wednesday, one of which shows Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, outside the home after she had been shot telling the police that his partner had died. 

“Who else is in the apartment?” an officer asks Walker. “Nobody,” he replied. “My girlfriend’s dead.”

The SWAT team then enters the home and designates the residence a crime scene. One officer is then heard saying “We have to be mindful of what we say, we are on camera now.” After checking Taylor’s pulse, a member of the SWAT team can be heard saying “she’s done,” per TMZ. The outlet also points out that the graphic video shows “bloodstains on walls … and Breonna’s body on the floor.”

The files and footage surface as the country is still seeking justice for Taylor’s death. Investigators are still looking into the validity of the initial warrant that caused Taylor’s death. Per police records, the warrant was being served because of communication Taylor allegedly had with her ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover. Glover was the target of a narcotics sting but insists that he hadn’t spoken to Taylor in months.

“Me and Bre ain’t been around each other in over two months, damn near two months,” Glover told the police during a recorded interrogation.

The Louisville police chief is continuing the investigation into the raid. At the moment, none of the three officers involved in the shooting have been directly charged with Taylor’s death, while former detective Brett Hankison pleaded not guilty to three counts of wanton endangerment, after he shot into  the neighboring apartment, He has since been fired. 

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