Console wars still can’t compete with PC gaming

Tech giants like Sony and Microsoft may have taken centre stage this year, but the PC looks ready to remain a frontrunner among gamers.

In the long-term, console gaming will struggle to compete with PC gaming.

The ‘console wars’ of 2020 have provided something of distraction from the woes of the world, as gaming giants Microsoft and Sony teased out the various specs and highlights of their new platforms, competing against one another in being at the front of the rapid shift toward a new era of gaming – one that promises near-instantaneous speed, versatility, quality, and more power than we have ever been able to hold in our hands before.

The Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 both promise to revolutionise gaming, allowing for the players to mould and tailor their gaming experiences to suit whatever type of experience they are interested in. Already the results have been unprecedented, with pre-sales showing the level of demand from players eager to enter into this new era of gaming as soon as possible.

But, while demand is placing significant strain on Sony and Microsoft, yet another revolution is taking place within the industry. We can see it most clearly in the desperate clamour for Nvidia’s RTX 3080 – a graphics card that promises to bring PC gaming to a new level of clarity and power for users.

PC gaming is rising far above the current bidding war for console players, and with the advent of new features such as cloud gaming, the signs suggest that in the long-term console gaming will struggle to compete with online, PC gaming.

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The Scope for Customisation

For the most unique gaming experience possible, the PC is the clear winner. Thousands of gaming enthusiasts have taken up the hobby of building and honing their own, one of a kind gaming PC idealised for the experiences that they value the most.

But, when the leading consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation are optimised for a powerful gaming experience, why do so many choose to build their own gaming PCs? Because that same level of clarity, power and speed can be achieved but, in this instance, the player holds total control over every aspect of this experience.

The Cloud will Create an Endless Library for Gamers

This year alone, Amazon, Microsoft and Google have turned their sights on bringing cloud gaming services to millions of gamers across the globe. As a result, countless titles will be made available for near-instant gameplay, optimised for a high quality gaming experience on the PC. What’s more, even the more ‘casual’ gamer – one who does not have access to an expensive, high power gaming PC – will be able to experience these games in stunning quality.

As a result of this shift toward cloud gaming, the PC offers the most versatile platform for gamers looking to experience the best of both – or, all – worlds whenever they see fit, distancing themselves from those exclusivity deals that put a number of limitations on console gamers.

The demand for pre-orders on the new generation of gaming consoles is at an all-time high but, as has happened in the past, the popularity of the PC is likely to emerge from 2020 stronger than ever before, as more and more people find their niche within the world of gaming.

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