There has been a dramatic change in the way people work, but this has not happened overnight. With more and more people taking to a remote working environment because of the pandemic, enterprise users have started to look for PCs that are more reliable than consumer-grade products. And companies like Dell Technologies are set to make an impact in the enterprise PC segment, says Vivekanand Manjeri, Brand Director, Client Solutions Group, Dell Technologies. Excerpts from an interview:

How is Dell building commercial PCs ?

We see intelligence playing a central role in the future of computing and that is an area we’ve invested in heavily. We are focused on creating a future-ready PC experience for users in the commercial laptop segment.

Scaling remote management, security and support of these devices to thousands of employees across the country is no small feat. It requires collaboration from all departments, especially IT. That’s why we’re not just offering devices, but hardware and software that businesses need, to transform user experience for their employees.

The AI-based optimisation technology in the recently introduced Dell Optimizer, for instance, helps professionals work smarter, by understanding the user’s behaviour. It works behind the scenes to improve overall application performance; enable faster log-in and secure lock outs; eliminate echoes and reduce background noise on conference calls; and extend battery run time.

This software is going to change the game for our users.

How is Dell using the power of AI and ML to enhance its commercial offerings?

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are turning PCs into even smarter and more collaborative companions. They are able to optimise power and battery life and even become self-sufficient machines that can self-heal and self-advocate for repair, reduce the burden on the user and most importantly bring down the number of IT incidents. This is one of the most important factors for the enterprise and the IT groups that support the workforce of today.

ExpressSign-in, ExpressResponse, ExpressCharge are AI and ML features that offer high quality experience, which have never been heard before in commercial PCs.

What is the future of commercial PC design for Indian enterprises and their employees?

PC innovation continues to push new boundaries every year, screens are more immersive and bigger than ever, yet the form factor becomes smaller and thinner. But what is running at the heart of that PC is becoming more transformational than ever. In the future, PCs will further anticipate and augment human activity.

There are several exciting things happening across the industry to make this vision a reality, with next gen communications such as WiFi6 and 5G, ML and new application architectures. These are going to drive the next generation of computing.

What was the need for software like the Dell Optimizer, and how did it come into play?

It wasn’t too long ago that PCs worked the same way for everyone. But at Dell, we wanted to flip that paradigm on its head — we wanted to personalise PCs for our customers. We believe that businesses are increasingly looking at digital transformation as a prerogative.

In recent times we have witnessed how technology has been an enabler for workforces who are geographically and culturally distributed. Increasingly enterprises are working towards supporting their workforce with technology that increases productivity and enhances their output.

Dell Optimizer enhances the PC to make it more intelligent and offer a personalised experience for a stress-free, ready-to-work user experience. For IT leads, it provides automated, open, and intelligent management solutions to deploy, secure, manage and support all devices within their organisation.

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