Depew School District using temperature wrist scanners to start new school year

The Depew Union Free School District has spent about $30,000 on new technology to detect whether anyone has a temperature.

DEPEW, N.Y. — Some local schools are already back in the classroom – others will return next week, and at one local district new technology is being used that’s intended to keep everyone safe.

The Depew Union Free School District will start the new year with Wrist temperature scanners at all their entrances. The wrist temperature scanners give you a reading in just five seconds.

“Every student, every employee has to pass by those scanners to get their temperature checked before they come in,” said Jeffrey Rabey, the Depew Schools superintendent. 

This on top of health screenings that should be done at home.

The district purchased 10 standing temperature scanners at a cost of nearly $30,000 using CARES Act funding, but according to the district superintendent, the manufacturer is backed up with deliveries.

So these are temporary – the other scanners should arrive sometime this month. 

“Hopefully be here within three weeks,” Rabey said.

Depew which has one high school, a middle school and an elementary school will follow a hybrid model.

“I think for the most part everyone’s very nervous getting back to that first day seeing what the facility will look like,” Rabey said, “I think once people get into the routine and get into the new normal and acclimate to their surroundings they feel more comfortable.”

School buildings have been transformed – hand sanitizers are in every classroom, hallways resemble streets, with traffic arrows on the floor. School leaders hope all the changes aren’t overwhelming and that the school year will start in the right direction.

“This is the school community’s plan and it’s all of our responsibility to be the custodians of that plan,” Rabey said.

In Depew, teachers were getting training ahead of the start of school. The first day for students is a week from Wednesday.

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