Everything Amazon announced at its September event

Amazon unveiled plenty of new hardware at its fall event on Thursday, including several new Echo speakers and a flying Ring drone. 

Look into my crystal ball… maybe Alexa will tell you your future.

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Amazon’s signature smart speaker now comes in a sleek spherical shape with the Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Dot with Clock. With brand-new colors, Amazon’s first-generation AZ1 Neural Edge processor, and a 1.6-inch front-facing speaker for the Dot and Dot with Clock, the company claims the devices will provide faster processing times and crisper sound than their predecessors. 

Swivel all day and all night.

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When you’re using it to video chat or cook, the Echo Show 10 smart display will follow you as you move around the room. According to Amazon, the device already supports Skype, and they will soon be adding support for Zoom, Amazon Chime, and Netflix. 

Ring Car Alarm ($59.99), Car Cam ($199.99), and Car Connect ($199.99)

Car burglars, beware!

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The Ring Car Alarm and Car Cam monitor for break-ins, accidents, and more. Notably, Car Cam users can say “Alexa, I’m being pulled over,” and it will automatically start recording.

Ring Car Connect gives users access to mobile alerts and video footage, but is only currently compatible with Tesla vehicles. 

Ring Always Home Cam ($249.99)

Think home security, but with WINGS.

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Amazon just got even more omniscient. With the Ring Always Home, you can have an autonomous flying mini drone that can give you multiple viewpoints of your home for extra security. Apparently, it only records when in flight and the camera is physically blocked when in the dock, but… we’re a little afraid. 

What’s better than telling Alexa to turn the TV on for you?

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Since we’ve all been stuck at home for so long, Amazon has updated the Fire TV experience, which now allows for video calling from your TV. The Fire Stick comes with a processor that is 50 percent more powerful than the previous version, while the cheaper Fire Stick Lite lets you to stream in full-HD with HDR and comes with a remote with Alexa Voice.

Luna ($5.99/month)

Move over, Google Stadia.

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Amazon is coming for Google Stadia with Luna, a service that streams games directly to PCs, tablets, phones, and Fire TV. Luna does come with its own controller, which will put you out $49.99, but Amazon has confirmed your Xbox One and PS4 controllers will work with the service, too.  

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