‘Follow the science!’ crowd sees mark of evil in a fly’s debate moment

It makes sense that the people who claim to “believe in” science as though it were a religion are a superstitious bunch after all.

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On Wednesday, during the vice-presidential debate, a fly landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s head. It stayed there atop his short white locks for about two minutes. The moment was humorous.

But for those who support the “follow the science” candidate, the fly was much more than a regrettable moment for Pence. It was an omen — something revealing a grave evil. Some in the news and politics business are reading into the debate fly the way ancient the Greeks read into animal entrails.

“I don’t think it’s ever a good sign when a fly lands on your head for two minutes,” failed GOP consultant and pro-Joe Biden activist Steve Schmidt said on MSNBC. “You know that’s a sign all through the history of sin, and historically, biblically.”

He added, “You know a fly, he who commands the fly, has always been seen historically as the mark of the devil.”

Host Ari Melber interjected to bring his guest back from the ledge, asking, “Well Steve, now as a journalist, now I have to ask for the record, are you joking? Because the fly could have landed on anyone.”

“Yes, but it didn’t,” said Schmidt. “It landed on Mike Pence, and it says something. Something karmic about the status of the campaign.”

At CBS News, journalist Gayle King likewise saw something troubling in the fly’s unannounced debate appearance.

“At one point,” she said, “when they were talking about systemic racism, I think it’s very interesting timing that a fly would land on Mike Pence’s head at that particular time, when he said that there really wasn’t systemic racism.”

She added, “I saw the fly basically going, ‘Say what?’”

King did not leave it at just that. She circled back to the fly later during CBS’s coverage of the debate.

“I still keep going back to that fly,” she said, “I’ve never seen anything like that. It was a fly of color too, that came at a very opportune time, and that is the Saturday Night Live skit — skit waiting to happen on Saturday.”

There is more.

The New York Times’s Frank Bruni opined, “Of course Pence didn’t seem to notice or mind the fly. Years of obsequiousness to Trump have beaten all sensitivity and capacity for revulsion out of him. That bug was some crazy combo of metaphor, visitation and karmic joke.”

That is not even the worst of it. Bruni turned his fly divination into a full-blown column, wherein he writes that the fly, “lingered for a few minutes before undoubtedly realizing that there was warmer, more demonstrably human real estate to be had.”

Said Salon’s Chauncey DeVega, “A fly comfortably purged on his Mike Pence’s head is a great omen. That nasty fly is comfortable.”

Slate published a rambling 700-word-plus bit of performance art titled, “I Am the Fly That Landed in Mike Pence’s Hair. Here’s Why I’m Supporting Donald Trump.”

The article, authored by “the debate fly,” reads, “This election goes beyond mere material concerns, however; there’s also a spiritual dimension. And for faith-based voters like me, the Trump administration is the only option. Like all flies, I worship Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies, the Prince of Demons, the Archfiend of Lies and Death and Decay, and my faith is very important to me.”

It adds, “You could smell the evil radiating from Mike Pence.”

Pence who is portrayed often as a religious fanatic. There are certainly fanatics involved in this story. Pence is not one of them.

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