GAC Group Demonstrating its global competitiveness as it brings the latest technology to the Beijing Auto Show

In Bejing, GAC Group showcased a new power technology: “Mega Wave Power”, creating a new generation of powertrain products with more power, more agile response and lower fuel consumption. After 12 years of R&D, the “Mega Wave Power” has pioneered a complete power product architecture. The fourth generation 2.0ATK engine was independently certified to have achieved 42.10% thermal efficiency, beating current gasoline engine benchmarks in the world. Based on this platform,GAC is planning to launch several new models to bring new energy-saving mobility solutions to consumers.

GAC Group’s convertible coupe ENPULSE’s debut at the auto show was highly anticipated. Designed at the GAC R&D Center, Silicon Valley, this fully electric sports car combines aerodynamic design and a sporty flair painted with a new “electric light-emitting” paint to achieve synergy between interior and exterior design. In addition, AR-HUD technology has been incorporated, creatively creating a gaming experience while driving.

GAC Group’s focus on leading technology and forward-looking products demonstrates its strong competitiveness. Feng Xingya, general manager of GAC Group, said: “All our innovations strive to serve the customers, and the core is to add value. We will center around customer experience to create more value for customers in products, technology, and services.”

GAC’s success comes from obsession about technological details and customer localization to drive its business. This has allowed GAC to provide consumers with high-value, cost-effective products that are leading in cost-effectiveness among peers. One such success story is GPMA: a new GAC global modular platform, AdiGO: an interconnected smart driving ecosystem, and power technology to empower its products.

GAC Group is committing to internationalization, as consumers are recognizing “GAC technology”, “GAC quality” and “GAC service “. GAC Group will continue to build on the twin pillars of technological innovation and customer services to bring the best mobility experience to consumers.


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