Another round of fresh additions to Game Pass PC for the month of October are on, and while we’ll be looking longingly at our console friends playing Doom Eternal before us, there’s plenty of good stuff to make up the difference, from one of the biggest simulation racing games out there to a couple of day one debuts for promising indie games.

Drake Hollow hits Game Pass PC on October 1. This is an aesthetically lovely co-op survival game that blends building with regular combat as you defend your base, similar to Fortnite’s original Save the World mode. In our gameplay preview, Ian found it pretty promising – and as part of your Game Pass subscription, there’s no barrier to digging in.

On October 8, Forza Motorsport 7 hits Game Pass PC (as well as console). The racer originally launched in 2017, and features 700 cars including the “largest collection of Ferraris, Porsches, and Lamborghinis ever” – a point Microsoft has been sure to include in every bit of the game’s marketing material.

Also on October 8, we’re getting Ikenfell. This is a tactical RPG set in a magical school, with timing-driven battle mechanics similar to those of Paper Mario. It’s also got a lovely retro soundtrack from the folks who composed for Steven Universe.

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