How SEO Is a Microcosm of the Real World

The gap between the haves and have nots is widening in the real world. People who have a lot of money are quickly eating the resources of the people who do not have very much money. This has been happening for years, because the people with money have the money and the influence to change things. The people without money have less power, therefore, they find the world they live in is shrinking and shrinking every moment.

The world of SEO is no different. The search engines and the major SEO professionals are consciously or unconsciously making it harder and harder to get ranked on the search engines. The truth is that if the major houston seo consulting and gurus have their way, then SEO will not cost in the thousands of dollars each month but it will cost into the hundred thousand each month. This is because it benefits them to do such a thing because they want to separate “good” clients from the “bad” clients. Good clients being those people who have a lot of money and bad being those people who do not have money.

This means that mom and pop shops are quickly dying on the internet because the rules of getting ranked have changed tremendously. If you ask one of the major search engines their opinion of the situation, they will say, “Our goal is to get a site that has little or no search engine optimization at all to rank.” However, this is an impossible goal. This is because optimization is the practice of figuring out what the search engines want and giving it to them.

If the search engines had their way then there would be no optimization on the web at all. This means that the big sites would dominate the search engines and keep the smaller sites out of the search engines. Only the sites with big branding would exist on the internet and the mom and pop shops would be stuck trying to find ways to make money and that would not be on the internet.

The world of SEO is quickly turning into a place where only the big boys play. The recent updates to the search engines are quickly killing the small players in a market space. Many of the major SEO gurus are making this happen faster than it should be happening even if they do not realize that they are trying to do it.

In conclusion, the world is quickly becoming a place where the person with money wins and the person without money scrambles to catch up. This is a fact that is becoming more and more apparent on the internet because people with money can afford SEO and those who cannot are falling behind. This means that a business owner needs to act on SEO now before the opening closes. It is like a running back that only has seconds to run through a hole before the hole closes. The same is true here, now is the time to get involved with SEO.

The truth is that SEO will only become more and more difficult; therefore, the power and strength that a business owner can generate now will help them in the future. Now is the time to get a SEO program going because the gap will close and SEO will become the playground of the fortunate. Therefore, a business that gets SEO now will be able to compete in the future where their newer competitors will not be able to in the future.