iConnections Announces Partnership With The Investment Institute to Build Transformational Ecosystem For the Investment Industry

iConnections and TII Are Pleased To Announce They Have Entered Into a Global Strategic Partnership, Combining TII’s Industry Leading Educational Forum Services with iConnections’ World Class Strategy-Led Enterprise Delivery and Next-Gen Technology Services

The Investment Institute (TII), a leading membership body offering unbiased and non-commercial educational investment forums for senior decision-makers from leading endowments, foundations, pension funds, family offices and asset management firms has announced a strategic partnership with iConnections, the industry leading platform that seamlessly connects managers and allocators for virtual meetings, giving managers the ability to subscribe and share.

The iConnections Investment Institute will allow TII members real-time interactions and access to peers in the community throughout the year as well as enable allocators to clearly identify managers and strategies that may be of interest.

With technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of business, companies recognize that they need to accelerate the development of digital solutions to ensure they remain on the competitive vanguard. The partnership brings together deep skills in business and technology strategy, product ideation, technology development and deployment.

“It has always been a core mission of The Investment Institute to inspire a culture of collaboration and community among institutional investors, family offices, consultants and asset managers while fostering an environment to learn and connect in a way that promotes lifelong relationships, trust and friendships. We believe that through our partnership, TII and iConnections will build an ecosystem for the investment industry, allowing the Institute’s community various ways to connect virtually all year round. Most importantly, the platform will keep allocators connected safely and securely with peers and facilitate a manager selection process that fits their investment profiles,” said Andrea Szigethy, Founder and CEO of The Investment Institute.

“We are delighted to partner with TII to deliver a comprehensive thought leadership program on the iConnections platform that will feature some of the best-known allocators, money managers, policy makers, economists, strategists and business leadership names in the industry. Our innovative technology will enable the Institute and its members to establish a truly global presence by providing access to our community engagement tools, virtual meetings, events and one-to-one meetings, as well as by facilitating the ability to host bespoke events,” said Ron Biscardi, co-founder and CEO of iConnections.

“Partnering with iConnections will unlock the full potential of digital transformation for the Institute and provide our members with an extension of what we have already built for our community. The iConnections platform will provide the opportunity to enhance the personal and professional connections with peers, exchange ideas and meet in a private and secure environment,” said Donna Holly, President of The Investment Institute.

Through the partnership, TII and iConnections will also collaborate on philanthropic initiatives as part of the iCare program, designed for allocators and managers to support charitable organizations just by using the platform. A percentage of iConnections’ revenue will be donated each year to charities chosen by members of the community.

About iConnections

iConnections is a community that connects the investment management industry year-round. Our software platform seamlessly connects managers and allocators for virtual meetings, giving managers the ability to subscribe and share information with allocators who can efficiently select and meet managers all on one platform. The scalable technology powering iConnections can be used for bespoke events by managers, allocators and service providers. In an environment where physical events and meetings are no longer the norm, we’ve reimagined how the investment industry connects. Visit https://www.iconnections.io/ to learn more.

About The iConnections Investment Institute

The iConnections Investment Institute (TIII) offers premier, unbiased, non-commercial educational investment forums for senior investment decision-makers from leading endowments, foundations, pension funds, hospitals/healthcare, single family offices (SFOs), multi-family offices (MFOs), RIAs, consultants, outsourced CIO firms, asset management firms and other financial institutions. TIII features some of the most well-known and leading allocators, money managers, policy makers, economists, research strategists and business leadership gurus along with some of the most prominent institutional and private investors and brings them together for face-to-face conversations, debate and problem-solving. The programs cover complex issues surrounding the financial industry and the speaker faculty analyze risk while revealing many opportunities in the current market environment. For more information please visit our website at https://theinvestmentinstitute.org/.

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