JLR reveals new noise cancelling technology

Now Jaguar Land Rover has taken on the task of reducing unwanted road and tyre sounds in its luxury cars.

JLR, which has a major engine factory alongside the M54, is using new noise reducing technology to provide a quieter experience for drivers and passengers.

The technology, introduced on the new Jaguar F-PACE, new Jaguar XF and Range Rover Velar, is capable of lowering unwanted noise peaks by 10 decibels and overall noise levels by three to four decibels – the equivalent of turning down the in-car sound system by four ‘steps’.

This significant reduction in exposure to low-frequency noises up to 300Hz can also help prevent driver fatigue on longer journeys. Experts believe the constant noise that comes from tyre-on-road can bring on drowsiness. Fatigue affects the ability of a driver to deal with hazards or unexpected events, with tired motorists recording an average reaction time increase of 16.72 per cent compared to those fully alert.

Active road noise cancellation uses sensors on each wheel to constantly monitor the vibrations from the road surface and calculates the opposite phase sound wave needed to remove the noise heard by the occupants. By monitoring in real-time, unexpected noises from potholes or rough surfaces can be isolated and removed.

The cancellation sound is played through the sound system, with the vehicle monitoring cabin occupancy to optimise active road noise cancellation performance for all drivers and passengers.

Active road noise cancellation combines with engine noise cancellation on the F-PACE and Velar .

Iain Suffield, Jaguar Land Rover refinement advanced technologies specialist, said: “We are committed to creating a haven for our customers and this new technology allows us to remove unwanted noises from the cabin. It makes the experience more tranquil, improving passenger wellbeing and helping to reduce cognitive load and thus reaction times.”

Dr Steve Iley, Jaguar Land Rover chief medical officer, added: “Active road noise cancellation technology not only has the potential to improve road safety but also wellbeing and quality of life for our customers.

“In a post-coronavirus world, where a ‘new normal’ is emerging, we expect customer expectations of private transport to change. An extra focus will be placed on safe, clean mobility where personal space, wellbeing and hygiene carry a premium.”

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