OWC has announced a new hub that, for the first time, allows users to turn a single Thunderbolt 4 port into several.

Thunderbolt 4 is Intel’s latest iteration of the speedy port standard, available on 11th-generation Tiger Lake processors.

OWC’s new Thunderbolt Hub features three Thunderbolt ports and a single USB port, allowing users to connect additional storage or high-resolution displays. Each Thunderbolt port can support a pair of 4K displays, or a single 5K, 6K or 8K display, alongside other accessories.

The new hub’s multi-port accessory architecture enables daisy-chaining, allowing users to create independent “tree branches” and connect multiple bus-powered devices to a computer. And removing one device from a chain won’t affect the others.

Other features include an adjustable LED indicator, a built-in Kensington slot for anti-theft cabling, and OWC’s own ClingOn cable stabilization.

Although there aren’t currently any Mac devices that support Thunderbolt 4, Tiger Lake processors are slated to ship in October. Before the first Apple silicon Mac debuts, the Cupertino tech giant is likely to release Mac products with Tiger Lake-based CPUs.

Additionally, Apple has also made it clear that Apple silicon Macs will support Thunderbolt 4 when they debut.

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