Samsung’s Galaxy S20 FE 5G has barely existed for a week, yet the handset has already received its first hefty discount. 

Over the weekend some reviewers lamented the $699 price tag that comes with the S20 FE, arguing that is too high for a phone advertised as mid-range. It is true, you can pick up solid devices from Google (Pixel 4a) and OnePlus (Nord) for less – both of which have some stand out features, but unique drawbacks. 

But that complaint appears to have been, at least temporarily, resolved thanks to recently slashed prices for the S20 FE at Amazon and Best Buy. An unlocked 128GB version of the new Samsung phone is $100 off at Amazon right now. Best Buy has the same deal for a model with the the same storage, but there’s an extra $50 off if buyers take on a new contract with AT&T, Sprint or Verizon. As ever, if you can afford it, buying a phone unlocked is almost always the better option in terms of value for money. 

I predicted that the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE would be quickly discounted, especially since Google’s Pixel 5 launch is just days away. But I hadn’t expected it to happen this quickly. The timing of the launch of the FE likely was somewhat related to the announcement of Google’s rival product, which will land on September 30th. 

It’s worth noting that the official Samsung website hasn’t discounted the device, but I suspect it will fairly soon – either on or before Black Friday. Buyers with phones to trade-in might be better off going directly to Samsung, rather than third party retailers, because of the company’s uniquely good trade-in prices. 

You can pick up the FE for $249 if you trade in your Galaxy S10 from last year, which the Korean company values at $400. You can also get $300 for the S9 and $500 for the Note 10 Plus. There are even better deals for older Apple phones like the 2017 iPhone X ($400) and 2017 iPhone 8 Plus ($350). Traders can even get $225 off the 2015 iPhone 6S. You won’t find trade-in deals like this at many other places. 

Google, too, isn’t shy about slashing prices for its Pixel phones. It has participated in the last three Black Fridays with discounts of its latest Pixel tech, with up to $200 off in some cases. The search company also has intermittent sales of its latest handsets throughout the year. There was a big one-day 22% sale yesterday, but the latest Pixel handsets were not included. 

As wallets tighten because of difficult economic circumstances and manufacturers battle for what little disposable income you have left, I’m willing to bet that we’ll see more aggressive discounts and deals in the run up to Christmas from Samsung, Google, Apple and others. Stay tuned.

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