New Science Fiction Fantasy Book Demonstrates the Importance of Achieving a Higher Vibration and Connecting with Spiritual Guides

Hillary Ries Shekinah Ma makes her authorial debut with ‘Frequency,’ a cosmic fairytale that doubles as a call to action

NELSON, British Columbia, Sept. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As the new decade unfolds and brings with it a plethora of unexpected challenges, many people are desperate to make sense out of what is happening and why.

In “Frequency: The Hour of Power Has Come,” author and spiritual visionary Hillary Ries Shekinah Ma provides answers to those on their quest toward enlightenment. A science fiction fantasy set in the year 2030 when all of humanity has been chipped and inserted into the Matrix and remains under constant surveillance, the book serves as a mirror of the current world and offers much-needed context to events that have recently occurred.

“Frequency” follows Sophia Star Water and her band of soul rebels, The Apocalypsos, who use their extraordinary music and spoken word talents to show others how to escape their current reality and ascend into the fifth dimension. As they create an ascension pod and work with their guides and guardians, The Wise Ones, to complete their journey, Sophia and The Apocalypsos escape the chaos of the third dimension and find peace in the Golden New Age.

Shekinah Ma draws from Hopi prophecy as well as Gnostic, Buddhist, Atlantean and Egyptian beliefs and channeled messages to reassure readers that there is a plan in place for humanity and a path out of the current negativity. By writing “Frequency,” she hopes to demonstrate the importance of raising one’s energy and vibration to move toward a collective conscious awakening.

“We are here for a reason,” said Shekinah Ma. “Nothing is random. Through alignment, we can ascend into higher states of consciousness, which in fact is what we are destined to do as we morph into 5D and take a quantum leap forward into the Fifth Age of Peace as prophesied by the Hopi people.”

“Frequency: The Hour of Power Has Come”
By Hillary Ries Shekinah Ma
ISBN: 9781982248055 (softcover); 9781982248062 (electronic)
Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Balboa Press

About the author
Hillary Ries, also known as Shekinah Ma, has committed her life to studying higher consciousness and the ancient worlds of the past, using her unique gifts and trainings to weave a rich tapestry of magic through her words and guide others on their quests to discover their divine potential. She is a certified life coach, Ho’oponopono practitioner, law of attraction practitioner, soul realignment practitioner, violet flame reiki therapist and massage technician. She is also a trained priestess in The Lighted Way Egyptian Mystery School and Add Heart Facilitator with Heart Math Institute. Originally from Laguna Beach, California, she now resides in Nelson, British Columbia with her two daughters. To learn more about Shekinah Ma, visit her website or connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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