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London, UK, Sept. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — After offering tailor-made ad services that generated multi-million dollars for their clients at Madsgency, Hafiz Ahmad and Qadeer Wagriya – two ad men with specialties in YouTube ads and evergreen sales funnels, have launched the industry’s first course. The course combines two big and interconnected topics: YouTube ad optimization and providing YouTube ads and account management services. 

The course was launched a few weeks ago for a limited number of pre-selected students. Many of those students are successful digital entrepreneurs, freelancers, and coaches who want to learn the art and science of paid traffic targeting and optimization as well as offering the same as a service to other YouTubers and marketers.

Qadeer, the paid traffic and YouTube ad optimization expert, was “hopeful that the participants would be able to target their ideal customers on YouTube, with the precision and accuracy of a scalpel.” While Hafiz, his partner and co-trainer, who handles the creation of evergreen funnels, their optimization, and automation, was sure that “after completion of the course, the students would be able to swiftly move from ad creation to offering the same as a service to the other YouTubers.”

About Madsgency

Hafiz and Qadeer are partners at Madsgency, and so far they have worked for many famous YouTubers, digital entrepreneurs, and coaches including Jordan Belfort, John Crestani, Moran Pober, and Niel Malan. 

The biggest reason why this agency attracts famous YouTubers and entrepreneurs is that both of them: Hafiz and Qadeer, apparently know how to scale business at maximum pace while keeping the costs at their lowest. As per John Crestani’s account, the duo is the major reason why his business bagged $7million in 2019. Gavin Stephenson says, “The very first product that I launched in partnership with Hafiz and Qadeer made us the net revenue of $346,000+.” Based on these stats and their experience, Hafiz hopes that they’d “keep creating, optimizing and scaling evergreen funnels for YouTubers and coaches” just like they did for a few and achieved for them a net revenue of $1.51million with one funnel.

About Tube Framework Elite Program

This new Tube Framework Elite Program is focused on YouTube ads and how you can launch your own full-service agency once you master the science and art of YouTube ad optimization. In collaboration with Douglas James, a famous entrepreneur and marketer, these two admen have reportedly created “one of the industry’s most thorough and most in-depth training program on YT ads and evergreen sales funnels.”

Reportedly, both Hafiz and Qadeer have been using this same method to “provide unparalleled results at best profit margins.” As per the famous South African marketer and digital entrepreneur Niel Malan, Madsgency’s Tube Framework saved him $6 to $9 per lead.

The course has a proper structure that takes the students from introduction to an overview of YouTube advertising and different types of ads to laser-targeting to ad creation to launch of the ads, optimization, and automation thereof and offering YouTube account and ad management as a service.

More details about the Tube Framework Elite Program can be found at: https://tubeframework.com

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