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OnePlus is giving consumers an early look at the OnePlus 8T phone ahead of next week’s launch event. 

On Thursday, the company released a 17-second video that shows the rear side of the phone, including the camera system, which appears to have four different lenses. The company has also positioned the camera away from the center of the phone, to the top left corner, similar to the OnePlus Nord. 

We’re hoping the new camera improves what we found on the OnePlus 8; it has a three lens system, but it comes up short against other leading smartphones.

Along with the video, company CEO Pete Lau also published a forum post explaining the glossy glass covering on the 8T device, which has been redesigned to reduce fingerprints. 

“This version takes advantage of diffuse reflection, a form of light refraction that scatters light in an expansive array of angles and directions, to produce a clean, gleaming surface that effectively mitigates the buildup of fingerprints,” Lau wrote. 

Interested customers will be able to learn more next Wednesday on Oct. 14 during the vendor’s virtual event for the device. The “T” models tend to be a spec bump to the company’s main model, in this case the OnePlus 8, which received a positive review from us back in April. You can now buy it discounted for $599.  

The company has already revealed the 8T will get a 120Hz AMOLED display, similar to what’s found on the OnePlus 8 Pro. In addition, the phone is getting 65-watt charging, enabling it to fully recharge the battery in 40 minutes when using the proprietary charger. 

Other specs for the 8T may have also leaked. An early posting for the phone on Amazon claims the 5G device will have a 6.5-inch full HD+ screen, use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 chip, and have a quad-camera setup.

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