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(Meredith/CBS13) — Dash camera footage from California captures a driver brake-checking another vehicle, and the other driver swerving out of control.

California Highway Patrol say they have been seeing an increase in road rage, and the latest incident was caught on camera.

Dash camera footage captures a white vehicle suddenly hitting the brakes on the freeway.

The person behind the white car tries to avoid slamming into the back of the vehicle, but hits the side of it instead and spins out of control.

Carlos Gaytan, the man who captured the incident on his dash cam, was stunned.

“It just amazes me because it could have been a lot worse. He could have hit those other vehicles that were in front of him when he lost control, I mean it could have been 3 or 4 vehicles involved plus mine,” Gaytan said.

People are becoming more aggressive on the road and the California Highway Patrol are also seeing an increase in reports, according to CBS13 news. 

“If somebody honks, they’ll honk back. If somebody cuts them off, they’ll try to break check and they will go back and forth,” Officer Ceja, California Highway Patrol, said.

Highway Patrol say the three most common mistakes drivers make when dealing with an aggressive driver are: 

  • Engaging with the driver.

  • Making eye contact with the driver.

  • Driving home after an incident, without calling 911.

Officer Ceja told CBS13 news that there have been reports of people being followed to their own homes. 

The conditions of the drivers involved in the crash are unknown. 


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