Somerset Academy Canyons installs new turf field

Somerset Academy Canyons Middle and High School will have a new look in the upcoming months as it has created an opportunity for student-athletes to compete on a new synthetic turf field.

The west Boynton Beach charter school, which consists of students from sixth through 12th grade, will be the first school in the state to install the T 1/4 u00baCool evaporative cooling technology to reduce field temperature, combat extreme heat and make the field playable and safer for athletes.

Somerset Academy Canyons is preparing to have its soccer teams utilize the new synthetic turf field first for the upcoming season. The field will be utilized by several sports programs at the school, including football. The installation is expected to be completed by December.

Michael Feierstein, who serves as the school’s athletic director, said he is excited for the school.

“The cooling system will make all the difference and the technology is great,” he said. “They are excited and it’s tremendous to give the kids an opportunity to practice and perform on a consistent turf field and we do not have to worry about the field being torn up.”

The revolutionary technology has proven to reduce the synthetic turf field temperatures between 30 to 50 degrees. The cooling solution also creates an environment to make fields safer and playable since synthetic turf temperatures can exceed 150 degrees in Florida during warm weather months.

Feierstein said the school made the decision because of all the positives with the new synthetic turf field and cooling technology. They would have a solution to solve the deterioration from their previous grass field, which included divots and patches needed at different areas as well as flooding or drainage issues.

He noted the consistent playing surface and ability to reduce field temperatures help their athletes year-round.

“It will attract students to our school and it will help us stand out in the local community,” he said.

The T 1/4 u00baCool innovative technology has been installed at several high schools and facilities in North Carolina and South Carolina. The first installation was in Kings Mountain, North Carolina in 2019. The Citadel in South Carolina was the first Division I athletic program to use the cooling solution.

Rick Oleksyk, who serves as president of T 1/4 u00baCool, said the Somerset Canyons Academy project will be a tremendous asset to the school.

“I am so glad for them to seize this opportunity and select this product,” he said. “The field they’re building is just phenomenal and it’s first-class. They are doing everything the right way and the quality of the turf and the cooling solution checks all of the boxes.

“When you look at our cooling technology, it works well for Florida because the one constant complaint is the heat,” Oleksyk said. “The ability to reduce the high temperatures and humidity allows them to maximize their use of playing on the field.”

He noted they have already completed nearly 20 installation projects at private and public high schools, parks and recreation departments and colleges. They have received interest from additional schools, municipalities and facilities in Saint Lucia, Texas, Alabama and Florida.

Oleksyk said the T 1/4 u00baCool product is able to combat the oppressive heat and provide safety and durability. The method to reduce the heat is by treating the infill or sand to cool the entire turf system for sustained periods of time.

The eco-friendy solution activates through rain, dew, humidity and watering the field to bring the overall field temperature closer to natural grass.

“We are really excited about the feedback and pleased with our progress,” Oleksyk said. “We have received interest from other facilities in Florida and it’s a great opportunity and look forward to them experiencing our proven and patented technology.”



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