SpectraWAVE Appoints Eman Namati, Ph.D., as Chief Executive Officer to Lead Development and Launch of Flagship Technology

BEDFORD, Mass., Oct. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SpectraWAVE, Inc., a development-stage medical imaging company focused on improving coronary artery disease (CAD) outcomes with photonics, is pleased to announce that Eman Namati, Ph.D., has been appointed Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Namati brings more than a decade of experience leading the development and launch of highly technical medical imaging products.

Dr. Namati said, “The Board, founders, and team at SpectraWAVE have been an inspiring group to join. They are talented, experienced, and purpose-driven, which will be key as we move towards the launch of our new photonic imaging technology for coronary artery disease. Our flagship technology will define our clinical impact and growth, and we are working hard to bring that solution to the market to help as many patients as possible with coronary artery disease.”

“SpectraWAVE has the opportunity to help millions of patients worldwide,” according to Gregg Stone, MD, Interventional Cardiologist, Professor of Medicine, and Director of Academic Affairs for the Mount Sinai Heart Health System. “One in five patients that undergo intervention for CAD experience a major adverse event that requires further intervention, and half of those adverse events are from untreated coronary sites. New clinical data continues to emerge that points to the importance of actionable information to both optimize a planned coronary intervention as well as identify plaques and patients at risk of further complications. SpectraWAVE is developing a tool that can do both.”

“Eman’s experience aligns perfectly with SpectraWAVE’s product and mission and we’re excited he is leading our team” said Steve Weinstein, Chair of the SpectraWAVE Board of Directors. “The development of a novel cardiac imaging product requires collaboration across technical disciplines within a highly regulated product development process. Eman not only brings strong leadership and technical success, but also commercialization experience that positions the company well for future growth.”

About SpectraWAVE, Inc.

SpectraWAVE, located in Bedford, MA, is a privately held medical device company founded in 2017 to improve coronary artery disease (CAD) outcomes with photonics. CAD, the buildup of plaque in the wall of the arteries that supply blood to the heart, affects 18.2 million adults age 20 and older. In CAD patients that undergo percutaneous stent placement, it is estimated that one in five patients experience adverse events, with half of those adverse events caused by high risk plaques that were previously left untreated. The SpectraWAVE medical imaging platform is a state-of-the-art integration of proven imaging technologies – designed to help interventional cardiologists understand their patients and optimize interventions. For more information, please visit www.spectrawave.com.

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