EK Fluid Gaming Vanquish 275-AG Liquid-Cooled Gaming PC Review

Introduction, Specifications, and Pricing


EK Waterblocks or EKWB, for short, has been an industry leader in DIY PC liquid cooling in many ways, for quite a long time now. EK released its Fluid Gaming line of DIY components a few years back to address a more cost-conscious crowd as they could reduce the cost of parts by creating an entirely aluminum solution.

As expected, the community of liquid cooling purists did not receive this well. Still, as the parts were tested, we did find that the components were not only capable but quite nice, as long as you pay close attention not to add mixed metal parts into the solution.

Fast forward to the present day and EKWB has enhanced their Fluid Gaming line to now encompass custom prebuilt gaming PCs under the banner, which also happens to be liquid-cooled with the Aluminum as mentioned

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