PC Gamer plays: Mutazione, Dota Underlords, Superliminal, and Abandon Ship

Every month in PC Gamer magazine our writers assemble to recount tales of their latest adventures in gaming. Today we take a tour from Mutazione’s small-town charm to the rough waters of Abandon Ship. Enjoy!

Learning patience and kindness in Mutazione—Rachel Watts

When I first played Mutazione, I couldn’t quite gel with the rhythm and vibe it was going for. I’ve played plenty of chill games before, but I’ve never experienced anything as leisurely as this indie adventure. It calls itself “a mutant soap opera where small-town gossip meets the supernatural”, so I was ready for drama and tea to be spilled. What I wasn’t prepared for was to end up consoling a grieving cat lady in a melancholic garden I had grown especially for her. 

Gardening has been used as a gameplay and storytelling mechanic in many games. You raise plants and crops for money in titles such as

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