12 Accusations in the Damning House Report on Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google

House lawmakers released a scathing report on four of the world’s largest tech companies, accusing them of abusing their market power. The report, which was released on Tuesday and concludes a 15-month investigation into Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, recommended breaking up the companies and passing the most sweeping reforms to antitrust laws in decades.

Here is a summary of the accusations against each company in the report, which was endorsed only by Democratic lawmakers.

  • The company uses its market power as both the largest online retailer and the leading e-commerce marketplace to its advantage and to hobble potential competitors. Amazon sets the rules for digital commerce. About 2.3 million third-party sellers do business on the Amazon marketplace worldwide, the report said, and 37 percent of them rely on Amazon as their sole source of income — essentially making them hostage to Amazon’s shifting tactics.

  • Amazon harvests the sales

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