Instagram head Adam Mosseri explains top ways influencers make money

  • On October 6, Instagram hosted a virtual conference to celebrate the app’s 10th anniversary and discuss new features, trends, and usage tips.
  • Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, outlined the six main ways that creators make money through Instagram, including brand partnerships, affiliate marketing, and ad revenue.
  • He also touched on how Instagram wants to improve monetization moving forward.
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Instagram hosted on Tuesday a digital convention to mark the app’s 10th anniversary and look forward to what’s next.

The event was held on Zoom and kicked off with a conversation between Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, and content creator Lilly Singh. After the two shared questions and talking points about some of Instagram’s newest features, trends, and areas for improvement (like fake engagement and cyber-bullying), the audience asked Mosseri questions. 

“Do you plan on sharing ad revenue or any other revenue

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Adam Ferrari Describes How Technology Will Change the Energy Sector

Startup Fortune, El Segundo, CA: Founder of Ferrari Energy, Adam Ferrari, shares some of the fascinating ways technology will help the energy sector adapt for future generations.

Technology has transformed the way many businesses operate. The energy sector is no exception, with various new technologies making their mark on the industry.

One of the benefits of emerging technology is that it can help facilitate more efficient business practices. As a result, many companies in the energy sector are shifting their business models to integrate digital technology.

As more people become interested in adopting alternative energy sources such as solar and wind, energy companies are now being challenged to identify ways to predict trends for future energy production. This is already happening across many companies, with an increasing interest in improving technology that can predict weather patterns and catalog analytics to better understand energy usage requirements across various regions in

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